About Ruth Hoffmann

I am "The Strategist" you want in your corner.

I don't work with everyone.  

However, when I work with you, I dig deep in order to find the solutions that will create substantial revenue growth, foster meaningful client relationships and ultimately increase your sales conversions.

I am based in Dubai but currently work with clients from all over the globe.  I help them master:

  • Strategic Positioning - So that they have “Top of Mind” awareness in their prospects' heads, hearts & eventually pockets.
  • Strategic Business & Marketing Systems - In order to increase productivity, effectively leverage resources, strengthen brand equity and ultimately increase market share
  • Psychological & Behavioral Strategies - Designed to create a “mass movement of people” who consider you as the only viable choice in your market, deeming your competitors irrelevant
  • Strategic Conversion Systems - To turn marketing efforts into high conversion funnels.

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